Monday, June 25, 2012

over a year in the making

a little over a year now we acquired several pieces of 
danish modern/mid-century furniture
and one of the coolest pieces was a three seat sofa with attached side table
the only downfall was it was super original
meaning some awkward cream pleather cushions [see below]
so I tried to make do with some pretty pillows
but part of making room for baby has also been making sure we do all those "things"
that can easily get put on the back-burner
no longer a questionable sofa, just awesomeness
thanks to the owner's of Scout Living for referring us to Standard Upholstery
we couldn't be happier with their work & our new addition to our home


  1. This is a very cool piece of furniture! Love the fabric

    1. thanks - it's amazing how different the apartment feels now!


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