Sunday, July 29, 2012

25 weeks

this week was exciting for me on the pregnancy front
I changed hospitals and will now be delivering with Sutter
and the particular hospital I've chosen is much for suited for my natural birth plan
and they also happen to have one of the lowest c-section rates in the nation
which makes me a happy camper
I met with one of the midwives in their practice
and had the best pre-natal visit I've had to date
no more, wait an hour, see the doctor for five minutes
instead, I waited five minutes, and talked with the midwife for an hour
just what this first time momma needs
while I was there my midwife also didn't agree with all the due date changing 
that I was getting before
she pointed out to me that after six weeks all babies are very different sizes
so changing my date because she was measuring bigger at 20 weeks
didn't seem to make sense to her
so, we are back to the date given at my eight week ultrasound
and if I've been keeping track, I think that puts me back at 25 weeks


  1. That's so great you had such an awesome expierence! Sutter is wonderful :) What hospital will you be delivering at then?

    1. I'm going to deliver at Sutter Davis. They really have the most natural birthing options available and so we went with them, I have also heard amazing things about Roseville, I'm assuming that's where you had Aubrey.


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