Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when you can't ride the rides...

take lots of pictures
and that is exactly what I did today
on our first official day of vacation, in Disneyland
we made a point to get into Disneyland right after opening this morning
and the best part was,
everyone else was filing into California Adventure to visit the new Cars Land
and that was good news for the mr. and I
because while the lines were forming in the other park
we were able to walk onto every ride we wanted in Disneyland
and were very satisfied with what we got done in just a couple of hours
and yes, there are still quite a few rides that I cannot ride
and the husband has realized that going on those "big" rides by himself
aren't as fun without me [which was pretty cute when he admitted it]
but all in all
we are still having a blast and taking everything in
and enjoying little E's third trip to Disneyland so far
this little lady will definitely be a mickey fan like her fam
tomorrow, we will visit Disneyland in the evening
and I'm pretty excited about that


  1. Way to snap gorgeous photos! Love them all!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. thanks - enjoying my last week of summer for sure!


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