Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sometimes you just have to think of the simplest thing

reading and following directions is hard
at least, that's what it seems like every time I'm in the classroom
I work very hard to make sure every lesson is clear
and expectations are clearer
however, there are those times when I need my students to be able to complete a project
or assignment with multiple steps
and being able to read and follow directions is key
but I'm finding that even in middle school I am having to teach very simple
direction following skills
in the past I have given directions with a nice little numbering system
to let them know the order in which to complete the steps
however, even this has not always proven to be successful 
this week I stumbled onto something so simple
and it actually worked
give them a check list to complete while working on the project
I'm telling you, that little line where they actually "check off" as they go
made my life so much easier
and for the most part, it seemed to be the best my kids have ever
independently followed written directions
there must be something to the hand to paper connection as they go
or maybe it is just "interactive" enough to keep them focussed
whatever it is, I'm doing it again
here's just one example of our "Good vs. Evil" character comparison posters
from the story we read this week
and yes, guns can be "school appropriate" if found in our literature
or history lesson
so there you go

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