Saturday, March 30, 2013

oakland temple

if you have been reading this blog long, 
you have probably figured out that, no, I'm not a mormon blogger 
no "we believe" link, and no, I have not converted
 even so, when your sister lives in Oakland
and growing up the majority of your friends were in fact LDS
 it clearly makes the Oakland Temple the perfect destination 
[at least it does for the Macri sisters]
 so we took a little trip  upthe hill to what can only be described as a beautiful location
 the grounds were pristine and seemed to have been given a few extra blooms 
for the Easter holiday
 the temple was extremely quiet
 no weddings were taking place 
[I was hoping to see a bridal party or two] 
and we walked around snapping an insane amount of pictures
I loved getting to finally see the place where many of my friends have been sealed [married] 
over the years, and hey, 
even though the husband really wasn't sure why we were there
he went along for the  ride
 love that.

 loved the day, didn't love the crazy clouds and sudden rays of sun
that made taking photos a true challenge
but I think we did ok
speaking of mormon bloggers - naomi is my favorite, fyi


  1. Great pictures! The view isn't as good, but the Sacramento Temple grounds are pretty peaceful and beautiful too, just on a smaller scale. But if you come that way, you have to let me know so we can get our November babies together!

    1. thanks Dianna, we will have to do that! Everly would love to meet your little men :)

  2. I adore the pic of you and Everly Mae and the one of Mike kissing her. Love your little family <3

    1. thanks Kira, we are pretty into you too!


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