Saturday, May 18, 2013

enjoy the weekend

today is the sixth day I've been feeling horribly sick
but thankfully I can tell I'm on the mend
too bad this ridiculous cough will probably be with me for another few weeks
anyways, so thankful for a day off
turns out I never needed a sick day before everly was born
I had the immune system of a champ
but since I have returned to work things have been pretty sketchy
now I get all the junk my kids bring into the classroom
and have NO sick days to actually "be sick"
thankfully, everly has been pretty rockin' through all of my illnesses
those boobie snacks are magical in so many ways!
now, if you are a part of the blogging community, I'm sure you are already aware
but I'm going to share one more thing making me happy this weekend
and I'm loving it, along with a ton of other people
so check it out if you are an iPhone person
it is pretty cute, especially when used with a cute little baby

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear your so sick. I had the same thing I think. Lasted a week. I actually took a whole week off of school and the following week was still bad. Goodluck and take care of yourself.


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