Wednesday, May 22, 2013

oh hey, I'm 28 weeks old

well hello
life is good, no, understatement, life is awesome
I can now pretty much get anywhere I want
and I couldn't be happier
crawling is officially figured out by me
I also love pulling myself up on anything I can get my hands on
people, furniture, my luna, it all works
this week I am also back to talking up a storm
and I really like all "ggg" sounds
in other news I finally lost  that funny little patch 
of "old man hair" that I had on the back of my head
and overnight it seemed like I got a good amount of hair all over my head
now, I'm talking a good amount of hair for a blonde baby
because let's face it, I'm still pretty bald
hope you are enjoying the week as much as I am
-Everly Mae  

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