Monday, November 11, 2013

everly turned one [our party]

Last weekend we celebrated Everly's first birthday with friends and family.  Besides the chilly wind that decided to also join the party [mind you, the day before was 78 and sunny], the day was perfect.  We put on sweaters, bought a new outdoor heater, and enjoyed the day.  Because I'm a working mom, and I knew I wanted to enjoy the party planning process, I think we literally started doing little projects in August.  That would be my tip for success and enjoyment, start early, and allow yourself a week to decorate.  And if it wasn't for our families, we would have never been able to pull off a party of almost forty!  It was an all hands on deck situation to make sure we got everyone fed and happy - so thank you to all of Everly's grandmas, grandpas, great-grandparents, aunts, and great aunts that helped make the day possible!  And because I am one insanely lucky mama, our friend Sarah and her family also joined us for the big day, and brought her camera.  Enjoy...
Thank you again to everyone who helped us celebrate ONE!  Everly is so lucky to have such amazing people in her life.  She soaked up every minute of her birthday party and could not have had any more fun!

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  1. what a cute, cute party... you did a beautiful job on the decorations! i'm sure miss everly felt very loved {happy birthday to her!!!}


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