Sunday, November 10, 2013

ten on ten [november 2013]

^^^Everly just hanging out, listening to some music on my phone^^^
oh man, what a difference a ten on ten makes when it falls on a weekend
and a three day weekend for that fact, exponentially more awesome
today was lovely
and I enjoyed having my camera around all day
and I have a feeling I have way more than ten photos that I would want to share here
so I'll try to play by the rules
[sorry, decided to be rebel, just couldn't narrow it down]
ten photos over ten hours on the tenth of each month
a photo project hosted by rebekah of a bit of sunshine
this month the theme was "full harvest"
and considering it was almost eighty degrees outside
[not really complaining, but kind of]
we tried to be as "harvest-y" as possible
mind you, I'm pretty sure my baby was sweating today because I put leggings on her
because I just couldn't fathom her not wearing pants in November
oh well, she needed them to keep those little knees of hers baby soft
because this girl loves playing outside, like a lot

1. should probably water these plants sometime 2. love early morning light in the nursery  3. someone hasn't learned not to leave baby face down in the hallway quite yet  4. pyrex got a fresh wash today  5. had to take a quick step outside during nap time, the view from my kitchen window was calling my name  6. clean pyrex and an extra long nap equaled some of the first baking I've done since Everly was born [minus her party cakes of course]  7. time to get squeaky clean  8. had her first pumpkin muffin today at great-grandma's house, a hit by Everly's standards  9 & 10.  same hour, but come on, couldn't leave out that little scrunchy face, or those shoes  11. seen this view a thousand times but it will never get old - the balcony my mom tossed her wedding bouquet from  12. still not used to this time change, heading home feeling like it is time for bed

happy ten on ten!

see last November's set here
[it's a good one, I promise, Everly was only 5 days old!!!]
oh and go do yourself a favor and make these two ingredient pumpkin muffins
they are perfect for a busy person who wants a little fall baked goodness


  1. Great pics! Gorgeous little girl, they grow so fast!

  2. Great pics. The baby doll reaching for the phone is kind of fun... thanks for sharing.

  3. your little everly is so sweet... and the tiny pumpkin on the chair with that light streaming through is so perfect for fall... do you collect the vintage pyrex? i've just recently started and love the bowls... perfect for cereal : )

  4. ok... sorry to comment again... but I just saw your pyrex tab... i now see that you're absolutely a collector! and what a great collection you have!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, those little saddle shoes - love!

  6. I laughed when I read you put leggings on your baby to look more november-y. Love the foliage colors in the first image, the baby doll on the floor, and the pumpkin in the chair. Nicely seen.


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