Wednesday, December 7, 2011

today we remembered...

and took a day off from debating at our own constitutional convention
I think I needed it more than them
how do I know this?
Well, let's just say it wan't until I was walking through the parking lot
that I remember that today was December 7th,
and it wasn't until  I was asking myself why the flag was half-staff
that I finally got it.
realizing I shouldn't be THAT tired & out of it (being a US history teacher and all)
I decided to make some last-minute,
I'm talking super last minute lesson plan changes
so today we watched a documentary on Pearl Harbor
image here
They really loved learning about something they only really had "heard" about before
I really loved getting to sit for more than five minutes today
and We loved discussing how crazy it is that there were SO many warnings
before the actual attack
conspiracy theories through the eyes of thirteen year-olds are always entertaining

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