Friday, April 6, 2012

art for the classroom, probably not mine, maybe yours

this past weekend I finished out my fourth masters class
even though my masters is in art integration
this was our first real "art" class
I enjoyed it
got a few new ideas
but unfortunately, being an 8th grade history teacher this year
I'm not seeing these lessons jumping into my plans real soon
especially with the standardized test crunch time being upon me
however, they are worth sharing
many were lessons I had done in the past, but with a new twist
which I always love

lesson #1 paper weaving
done this in the past
but mostly for holidays
and just with color construction paper
loved getting to paint first and then come back later and do the paper weaving
we painted with everything
vegetables, sponges, cut cardboard, pasta, just about anything
I had done "vegetable" painting before
I'm thinking it must have somehow connected in with our language arts story of the week
but then you get these funky paintings
with little directions, and what do you do with them
well, take one of those papers, fold in half
cut long slits in the paper
then take a second work of art and chop it into half-inch strips
and start weaving away
love the final product

lesson #2 found object painting
this lesson again is great for elementary teachers
really any age level depending on how you want to spin the focus
my art above was created with everything from chopsticks to marshmallows
and the black & white piece - potatoes and my chopstick wrapper
obviously elements of art, design, and color mixing could be the focus
or it could be a lesson on re-cycling objects around the house 
previously thought of us "trash"
and the best part of this art project
if the students don't create a piece they love "as is"
turn it into paper weaving as seen above and all is well again in the world

and even though these lessons won't be finding their way into my room this next week
another art project will
and I will be sharing those just as soon as I can

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  1. I love these ideas! I remember doing paper weaving when I was at school :) The found object prints are so pretty too.


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