Friday, June 22, 2012

rebranding teaching

so, when we think of teachers many of us are still stuck with the 
old fashion images that have been associated with education for generations
however, as great as apples and pencils are
I have always felt like they were a little lacking to what the profession has truly become
the dedication
the imagination
the inspiration
the effort of the amazing people out there who call themselves teachers
realizing that education is kind of my thing, a friend, Dawn Steinbock, shared with me this
a new taking on branding teaching
and I'm kind of in love with it
all images here
learn more about the rebranding project done for Studio 360 by Hyperakt
and see Dawn Steinbock's own design work here
also, all the images seen here, and the rest of the branding project 
are available to download here
and I'm thinking that a few of these images will be making their way into my classroom
this fall

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