Saturday, October 5, 2013

everly mae is eleven months old

Baby girl, I cannot believe that we are only a month away from your first birthday.  With the passing of each month, you become even more lovable, if that is even possible.  I love how you are coming into your own mannerisms and personality.  My favorite little thing lately is when you hold out your two hands and make little grabbing motions with your tiny fingers, letting us know that you are wanting something.  You have been so amazing at communicating from the beginning, and even though we are just trying out words and sounds right now, you are never unclear with your intentions. Everly Mae, you are your mother's daughter.  Even people who just meet you can see how determined you are with everything, and once you set you mind to something, you will make sure to complete the task.  This can be exhausting for your parents from time to time, even so, I love your drive to succeed. Thankfully, you have a perfect blend of your daddy, because people also comment on your calm nature when we are carrying you and out and about.  We always joked that we hoped that our baby would be this blend of our two personalities, and at eleven months, that is seeming to come true.  We are the luckiest.
Everly, you are such a little lady.  Now you are wearing big girl shoes, practicing your walking, and even fitting into some size 12 mo. clothing!  You are still the best snuggler at night, and I am so blessed that we began co-sleeping with you.  Happy baby, happy mama, and daddy enjoys the snuggles he gets too, once I'm off to work.

Everly, you are the light in every room.  We cannot go anywhere without people seeing how amazing your little presence is.  You bring joy to anyone who sees you.  Sometimes I think we are jaded because of how much attention we get from strangers about you, but then again, I am your mama, and that means your are infallible to me.  [to my students, I just used a WOW word in real life, bam.]  We just know to not leave home without your bow, or the comments on how alert and tiny our little boy is will start flying!  I love your giggle when I kiss your neck and it tickles.  I love how loud I can get you to laugh when running around any room.  I love how many teeth you show off with every smile.  I love watching you figure out this whole language thing, and soon I know these babbles will turn into words.  I love how infatuated my students are with you, and how everyone notices your eyes.

Hey Everly, you are stinkin' awesome.  You are my favorite.  We are the luckiest.  
Happy Eleven Months Baby Girl!
The end.

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