Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the first four steps

Today will forever be marked as the day that Everly first walked, at least in our home it will be.  In the past week, we have been getting a little half step, but it was more of a "hey I'm kind of falling, so I might as well just take a step".  But this evening, E took four steps in a row.  We were hanging out in her nursery putting away some laundry and changing her sheets when it all went down. They were slow, and surprisingly steady.  And, because the working mom gods were with me, after a nine hour work day, I was there.  We immediately called daddy at work to tell him, and then made our phone calls to our grammie, grandma, and auntie!  And after keeping my phone very close to me, I did catch her second set of steps.
And no, this is not a picture from today.  
Today, we were actually wearing our Monster's Inc. onesie, 
lime green striped pants, and barefoot little tootsies!
love you so much Everly
your proud mama may have gotten a little teary eyed during the whole thing
and hey, we can say you took your first steps at 10 months [barely]
you are rockin' it dear!

1 comment:

  1. Holy crap what a little genius she is! She just wants to run around to all the Halloween decorations on her own.


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