Monday, December 21, 2009

Glitter, Poinsettias, Panettone, and Santas

Well in getting into the holiday season I had several projects planned with my kids for the last week before winter break. Now when I was kid in school these projects got me so excited for the holiday to come. I have now realized that this is not the case for all students. For our last day before break I had a whole array of festive fun planned but was surprised to find that my students were not walking in the door as happy as I was predicting. I found that our day of projects reminded some of my students that they were leaving school for 2 weeks, something that is actually bad if your home environment is not what you would wish for. And for others, it reminded them that they would have to spend another Christmas without their parents. So, after coming to this realization I decided to push on realizing that this might be one of the few positive holiday memories they might have this year. And for the most part I think we succeeded.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a few more

Tis' the Season

So I haven't been blogging lately, mostly due to some serious stress in the classroom. Now I have been rejuvenated by some time off and feeling like sharing a few of my holiday decorations. I will also keep up with the projects we finish over the next week and a half. I'd like to start with my holiday stars/snowflakes that I made for my home this year. This is normally a project I do with my students, but seeing as how my kids are only 7, I figured maybe I would skip it this year.  I decided since I was making them for my home that I would use some Christmas scrapbook paper instead of my usual blue construction paper to help them fit the holiday decor. I think they turned out really fun and hope to make a few for my mom soon. Hope you enjoy the decorations, and seeing as how I am pretty much out of room in my house, I think I will be done decorating for the year, but I make no promises.


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