Thursday, February 28, 2013

life lately [according to my phone]

yeah, still trying to take everything in
here is a glimpse of my days lately
so besides this face, that I cannot get enough of
I'm mentally juggling writing a rationale for a masters class
and knowing I have only two more classes until I'm done 
isn't really helping it get done any faster, but that's ok
if you look closely, you may see moving boxes
yes, we are moving, which will get it's own post here soon
so excited for space, but leaving our beloved midtown life is bittersweet
and the biggest thing weighing on my
oh yeah, that whole career of mine will be coming my way soon
too soon
and no, I'm not ready
but I'm sure I'll have lots to say about it here soon
I think I might be doing some "writing therapy" 
because, go figure, stay at home mom actually suites me pretty well
but that is not in the cards, so blah
so, I now wish to revert your attention back to the cute baby faces above
because this post got a little too real, a little too fast

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

oh hey, I'm 16 weeks old

no complaints this week
we have had many windy days lately
which the people around me seem to not love
but I think they are pretty awesome
I breathe in each gust with a smile or sigh
and sometimes I even stick my tongue out to really get into the moment
mom just kept telling me to hold onto my hat,
but thankfully she helped me out with this one
other big news includes me finding my feet
which happened while I began working on sitting up all on my own
sometimes I get a little too into it
and go flying forward
but thankfully I've landed on some cushioned surfaces
or been caught by some helping hands
 and as you can see
the drool is still real
mom still likes talking to me in crazy voices
and pretending to eat my ears and toes
or just about any part of me
I like sitting on my dad's shoulders
and talking to anyone who will listen
-Everly Mae

Monday, February 25, 2013

real life just got real

been taking a few days to wrap my head around my real life
let's just say some real things are happening around here right now
and I decided to put the computer away for a bit while I try to sort
these things out
I'll share much of the new, exciting, and overwhelming 
events that have and will be occurring over the next few weeks
but for now, life is still looking a bit like this right now
and I'm good with that

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

oh hey, I'm 15 weeks old

this week got serious people
a few big things happened
well, two very little ones actually
pain is real, and teething is here, and yes, my parents now realize
that I can cry, the jury was still out on that one
I hear that these teeth are going to come in handy soon
but for right now, I don't get their purpose
all I get is they are painful
like my face was red and puffy for most of today
but I know I will get through it, because apparently
I'm not the first baby to do this
so while we wait for these little teeth to officially break through
I'm still loving my tummy
and my mornings in my crib
while mom eats a little breakfast without me in her hands
speaking of my crib, I actually slept in it for a period of time the other day
go figure, using it for more than just holding my 
stuffed animals and hohos
or my fur sister Luna who thinks the crib actually belongs to her
and finally, as you can see above, I still have not
lost that newborn hair
people keep telling my mom that it will fall out
but right now, it just stands horizontally sometimes
and now it is time to go tend to the gallons of drool that I have these days
work on eating that bib that is now always around my neck
and possibly finish the night off with a good hand chewing session
and no, it doesn't matter who the hand belongs to
oh, and I'm thankful for my Sophie
-Everly Mae

Monday, February 18, 2013


a couple weeks ago I got a new to me camera
so right now I am trying to make the big girl step of shooting on a D40
to a D200
and I had just gotten my itty bitty DSLR figured out
so bear with me
Everly Mae and Grandpa Frank

Saturday, February 16, 2013

you know it's a good day when...

you already have a jam packed weekend with friends and family planned
and you find out someone else will be joining in on the fun...
that's right
auntie meg is coming to town tomorrow and we are
smiles about it

Thursday, February 14, 2013

lovely things

being the day of love
[at least according to the card companies]
I feel like I should list some of my most lovely things
I love waking up with Everly snuggled as close to me as she can get
and I love the mornings we all get to sleep in together
I love that after her eyes open, a smile is soon to follow
I love that her baby feet never stop moving
and if they have, her hands have taken their place
I love how she makes eyes for her dad
and snuggles into him much differently than she does me
I love when E pretends to be shy and hide her head in the bend of my arm
only to flash her smile once again to whoever may be catching her attention
at that moment

I love how she holds my hand when nursing
or plays with my shirt
I love that moment when I look down only to see her smiling up at me
and I love that even though it has been our biggest challenge
we didn't stop nursing somewhere along the way

I love that after being together for seven years
the mr. and I can spend today just loving our family
I love that we ate leftover Stouffers lasagna for dinner
and that we had six valentines days just the two of us
and one with all three

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oh hey, I'm 14 weeks old

this week I enjoyed another trip to see auntie meg
survived my mom being in class for 16 hours this past weekend
and I officially weigh over 11 pounds
11 pounds 4 ounces to be exact
which brings me to my next big news
drumroll please...
I am now rockin' size one diapers
now, with that being said
the parentals were pretty nervous that first day
because let's face it, these diapers are barely fitting my legs
but so far so good
 other highlights this week included singing some coldplay with mom
while she changed my diaper
dancing to augustana while helping mom with the dishes
playing peek-a-boo while folding laundry
and taking lots of walks in what has been a fairly warm february
 I'm still loving my baby bjorn because my legs are free to kick about
sometimes I even stand up on my moms hands while we walk
it gives me an even better view out 
and while taking a look about I like using all my senses
so lately, I walk with my tongue out, like really out
who says you can't taste air?
-Everly Mae

Sunday, February 10, 2013

ten on ten [february 2013]

today I spent 8 hours in class
so I did my best to catch a little beauty
1. mommy & E ready for an early morning trip to class  2. being cute while staying clean  
3. chopsticks with a cute audience  4. Bethany staying positive after many hours of class this weekend, and yes, it was a dance class  5. gourmet water anyone?  6. garden angel 
 7. love banner  8. umm...everly  9. luna loving E's things  10. tummy time champion

happy ten on ten everyone

Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby vernacular [in our family at least]

it is pretty funny how quickly you come up with
an alternate language once becoming a parent
now I'm not necessarily talking about so called "baby talk"
I think the mr. and I try to keep too much of that to a minimum
but instead, as a family you come up with more nicknames than you know
what to do with, whether they be for Everly herself, or something she may be doing
now I am very aware that this post probably has little interest for my readers
so sorry for that
but I guess I could file it under "electronic baby book"
because let's be honest, I haven't written a single thing in her actual baby book
so I'm glad I will have these little details for me somewhere, until I can actually
get out a pen, and write 
but for now, I guess I'll finish this post for myself
but I will include a cute picture, so you are welcome for that
so what do we call our Everly? well, just about everything
love bug [quickly ended because the mr. said it was too close to our nickname for Luna, our fur baby, so it was a done deal before we left the hospital]
pumpkin butt
little lady
baby girl
booby monster
drool baby
the heater
just a few favorites from the first three months
now there are two other things that babies do pretty regularly 
and, well, we have names for that too
doing business
doing serious business
and booby snacks
I know the older she gets, the more vernacular we will add to this list
and I love having our own little language for Everly

Photo by Delissa [@ledharmabum]

Thursday, February 7, 2013

everly mae is three months old

our everly mae is changing more and more everyday
for example, yesterday she laughed for the very first time
and today, she rolled over "officially" for the first time
in fact, all the photos below of her on her back were taken after said event
I had put her on her belly for a few pictures
and turns out she wanted to be on her back
and so she got there, so fast I pretty much missed it
I'll be on the lookout for a repeat performance
as we move into February little things are starting to go away
for example, E's "scared face" is starting to be less scared
apparently the sensation of gravity is less scary these days
and when she sneezes, she no longer makes an adorable sigh after each one
again, I guess she is getting used to that sensation
and we are seeing way less sad faces these days
that lip curl was just too much to handle
I love watching Everly take everything in with such a happy stride
even choking on all that spit that constantly overwhelms her
makes our little E laugh instead of cry
and even though some of her "brand new to the world" tendencies are starting to leave
even more fun things are beginning 
so I will stay focussed on those
happy three months everly mae
I do love you more everyday
if that was at all possible 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

let it be noted...

that today, February 6th
Everly Mae laughed for the very first time
like went through all the motions, and sound actually came out this time
good ol' daddies
they are magical sometimes
because he was the one who got this milestone to happen
we were just hanging out on the sofa
and the mr. was bouncing her about, and she laughed
and my heart melted
that's it
and no, this picture has nothing to do with this post
but I really don't care
because it is cute, and so was tonight's laugh
there, connection made.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

everly mae visits the zoo

last week the mr. and I had the chance to take miss everly
to the zoo for the very first time
now, before I had everly, the zoo would not have been my first place
to hang out on a day off with the mr.
let's just say I have a very sensitive nose
but I couldn't wait to go there now that I'm a mom
funny how quickly things change
highlights included the newly redesigned giraffe home and viewing area
and the perfectly pink flamingos of course
everly was pretty into checking things out as usual
until we realized that it was 1:00 in the afternoon
and E hadn't slept at all that morning, so she got pretty tired pretty fast
but who doesn't love getting to stop and nurse in the middle of the zoo
so we had a slight timing mom fail on that one, but we recovered
and we cannot forget when our little lady had a bit of a "diaper incident"
as we will refer to it
while visiting the reptile house
I'll just let you know that we had our daughter completely naked
in the middle of the zoo [geez, again]
as we pretty much gave her a baby wipe bath
[followed by a real bath as soon as we got home!]
with that being said, I would still deem our first trip to the zoo
a success
and we can now check the zoo off the list of firsts
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