Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when you can't ride the rides...

take lots of pictures
and that is exactly what I did today
on our first official day of vacation, in Disneyland
we made a point to get into Disneyland right after opening this morning
and the best part was,
everyone else was filing into California Adventure to visit the new Cars Land
and that was good news for the mr. and I
because while the lines were forming in the other park
we were able to walk onto every ride we wanted in Disneyland
and were very satisfied with what we got done in just a couple of hours
and yes, there are still quite a few rides that I cannot ride
and the husband has realized that going on those "big" rides by himself
aren't as fun without me [which was pretty cute when he admitted it]
but all in all
we are still having a blast and taking everything in
and enjoying little E's third trip to Disneyland so far
this little lady will definitely be a mickey fan like her fam
tomorrow, we will visit Disneyland in the evening
and I'm pretty excited about that

Sunday, July 29, 2012

25 weeks

this week was exciting for me on the pregnancy front
I changed hospitals and will now be delivering with Sutter
and the particular hospital I've chosen is much for suited for my natural birth plan
and they also happen to have one of the lowest c-section rates in the nation
which makes me a happy camper
I met with one of the midwives in their practice
and had the best pre-natal visit I've had to date
no more, wait an hour, see the doctor for five minutes
instead, I waited five minutes, and talked with the midwife for an hour
just what this first time momma needs
while I was there my midwife also didn't agree with all the due date changing 
that I was getting before
she pointed out to me that after six weeks all babies are very different sizes
so changing my date because she was measuring bigger at 20 weeks
didn't seem to make sense to her
so, we are back to the date given at my eight week ultrasound
and if I've been keeping track, I think that puts me back at 25 weeks

Saturday, July 28, 2012

moon deco

oh my
today I added a piece to my collection I was pretty sure was never going to happen
I have always loved the striking pattern on the Moon Deco promotional piece
however, these rare pieces are always SO expensive
online they range from $70-135
and in person, I have only seen one, and they wanted just over $100
now, most of my collection is thrifted
and my biggest splurges have been $20
however, when the husband spotted this mint Moon Deco at our favorite 
for $40 I knew that it was going to be mine
well, I did think on it for the night
crazy, I know
but I knew that the store, Scout Living
was closing in ten minutes from when we spotted it
and after "thinking on it" for the night, you better believe we were there 
as soon as the store opened
I mean, seriously, I can't handle my excitement right now
lately my collecting has really slowed down
and there are only a few pieces I'm really on the hunt for
now that I have my very own Moon Deco
I'm feeling overly satisfied
so, once again, thank you to the mr. for spotting this piece for me
I'm not sure what I would do without him
this baby bump seems to have me a tad off my Pyrex hunting game!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

opposite schedules

this week the mr. and I have been experiencing very different schedules
I've been working overtime on my masters
which has meant early mornings and long days
and the husband has been going in late and closing up shop
so, I've been on my own in the evenings
and thankfully this doesn't happen too much because cooking for just me
doesn't really happen
because the mr. isn't there pretty much running the dinner show
so due to some rather large lunch study meals
my dinners have been consisting more of fruit, veggies, and frozen yogurt
tomorrow I'll be back to normal, promise
and tonight while I was walking the three blocks to the yogurt shop [so dangerous]
I stumbled onto a little street festival
I'm still not sure what exactly it was for, or who was sponsoring it
but there were lots of very large art displays of cardboard boxes turned into tunnels
bands playing & art for sale
all in all it was fun to walk through
but it would have been a little more fun if I wasn't solo
thankfully just a few more days until our vacation
and I kind of can't wait!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

free, friendly, & fabulous for your photos

lately, I've been using something that I stumbled on a while back
for some time now I have moved on from doing all my photo editing in iPhoto
and have been using Photoshop actions instead
however, I'm not sure what it is, but I just haven't been happy with my editing
so I have started using PicMonkey instead for most of my photo editing
and the best part is it is a website that you can use
no need to make an account, or download anything to your computer
and it's free
here are some examples of PicMonkey edits:
[not sure how this adorable shoe shot got missed but it was just waiting to be edited]
not only do you have many filter options [tranquil & intrepid tend to be my favs]
you also can get a little funky by adding rounded corners and text as seen above
or do basic edits such as cropping and photo exposure adjustments
now they have some real cheesy features too that I haven't found very useful
but when it comes to wanting to do a quick edit on a photo, it surely gets the job done
and once you are done editing your photo, just save it anywhere on your computer 
then you start fresh with a new photo

hope you find this helpful, figured I would spread the awesomeness
give it a try yourself here
and while we are on the topic, do you have favorite places to edit digital photos?
I would love to hear what else is out there!

Monday, July 23, 2012

a little while back I got help from my friend
Jaymee Srp of the Design Hive and owner of the shop Retro Menagerie
thankfully I had her to help me get going on E's nursery walls
because I had ideas, but no real place to start
we made a plan, got what we needed, and executed all in one afternoon
just the way I like when getting things done
and yesterday I ordered the perfect mobile - I can't wait to get it
things are really starting to come together, and I couldn't be happier

nursery prints courtesy of Retro Menagerie
frames: Ikea
book ledges: Ikea
embroidery hoops & Fabric: Joann Fabrics
iron tree: Pottery Barn [gifted to me years ago]
"E" changing table lamp: vintage
owl nightlight: vintage
alphabet print: made by me, printed by Retro Menagerie

Saturday, July 21, 2012

just trying to keep cool

this weekend I have class and with temperatures over 100 degrees
and the classroom air only getting so cool
let's just say I was pretty miserable all day
it is pretty bad when you realize that not only are your neighbors
sweetly fanning you
but your professor is too
so tonight the family and I spent some time swimming
and baking cupcakes for tomorrow
because in just two weeks from today
one of our great friends, and classmates
is getting married in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA
so tomorrow
 in the afternoon stretch, when you think you just can't handle any more curriculum talk
we will be taking a little sugar celebration break!

Friday, July 20, 2012

how we spent our day [anniversary style]

for our anniversary we debated on what exactly to do
we were thinking mini road trip
but then I decided that a day in the car didn't sound super exciting at 6 months pregnant
especially since we will be getting our car fix in soon
when traveling down to southern california for vacation here in a couple of weeks
so instead of the car, we decided to hit up some of our favorite antiquing spots
and well, let's just say that we had some success
I really must say that I cannot pick my favorite find from the day
I am SO in love with the vintage "E" sign we found for the changing table
I put in some new lighting yesterday and she is sure glowing pretty at night
and yes, the little lady's name starts with an "E" 
but we will leave it at that for the moment
and the kitchen cabinet, well, it's simply to die for
I am loving it in our kitchen, it is such the perfect fit
and because any anniversary isn't complete without some pyrex
I had to pick up this Friendship fridgie that the Mr. found for me
and considering it was priced like it was at a thrift store
it was surely coming home with me

could not think of any better way to spend celebrating four years of married life

Thursday, July 19, 2012

24 weeks

yes, 24 weeks means two things:
#1 - we missed week 23, you would think I would have more time over the summer
to snap a quick shot, but apparently not
#2 - I'm now officially 6 months along, which seems pretty real
this last week brought some cooler weather, thankfully
and the mr. quickly learned that touching the air conditioning in the car
is no longer an option for him
it was too funny yesterday when I caught him almost turning the air off
and then quickly moved his hand away from the dial, smart man
little lewis is moving SO much these days
not only can I feel her, but the husband has too
not to mention if you are really observant, sometimes you can see her wiggling around
craziness is all I have to say about that
thankfully she is still not keeping me up at night, at least not yet

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

four years ago today [we got married]

it is pretty amazing how fast the years go by
it is hard for me to believe that we have already been mr. & mrs. for four years
I must admit that married life suits me pretty well
and I can't imagine my life being any different than it is right now
and this year feels even more special
because it is our last anniversary we celebrate just the two of us
I cannot wait to see what year five brings us, besides our daughter of course
so here's to many more road trips, adventures, and overall awesomeness

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a good reason to get together

in my family we love celebrating birthdays
as I've gotten older I realize that not everyone still celebrates "grown-up" birthdays
but now I just think that is silly
because no matter how many times you have gotten to celebrate another year
bottom line, you deserve a special day
and a birthday in my family is just a good reason to get together
1. meg is 23  2. flowers in mason jars, always  3. just another reason why I love target  4. the balcony, their new favorite place  5. unicorns & cat donuts  6. I think the cupcakes were a hit  7. good end to the day

Monday, July 16, 2012

meg is 23!

today my little sister turns 23
yesterday we celebrated with friends and family
but for now, I'm off to the city to take meg back home
so I'll just leave you with this
and yes, she is that fabulous.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

keeping balance

yesterday I made some major progress in the nursery
with some help from a great friend, Jaymee from The Design Hive
I can't wait to share what we worked on soon
but here is just one of my favorite additions we added to the nursery

trying to keep balance in the nursery with new additions and still keeping to
our design style of mid-century modern is truly my focus
and adding this vintage nursery scale is just what I needed

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ten on ten [july 2012]

it has officially been one year since my first ten on ten
and I must admit it is still something that I look forward to every month
and now to get a tad sappy
and to explain why my last photo may seem like deja vu to you
 if you have been reading long
I figured this month, being my one year anniversary of participating in this project
I would re-do one of my favorite images I have taken in the last year
and this time around, I have an additional reason to prove
that love is real
[july 2011]
check out my first year of ten on ten posts here
and as always, thanks to Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine 
for creating this project

Monday, July 9, 2012

getting crafty

well my first nursery wall art project was pretty simple
and thanks to pinterest, inspiration has not been a problem at all
I have been seeing everywhere in nurseries embroidery hoops used with pretty textiles
so I decided to give it a shot
for now they are propped up on the little lady's dresser
but I'll figure out where exactly to hang them soon enough
also, I've been pretty busy the last two days
and things are quickly starting to look a lot more like a nursery
here's just a peek -

Friday, July 6, 2012

22 weeks

well this week's photo is a little late
and no, you're not missing week 21, the ultrasound tech took it away from me
my due date has been once again changed, now I'm looking closer to 23 weeks than 22
so I'm thinking the entire month of November is fair game for this little lady to arrive
and I'm alright with that
who knows, maybe she'll even come on her very first due date - halloween!
this week's photo has so many things that we love
my patriotic outfit I had to help me celebrate independence day
a very awesome VW bus that is always parked around the corner from our house
[the husband and I have a tad bit of envy for it]
and finally, our little lady
I can admit she's our favorite

Thursday, July 5, 2012

stars & stripes and everything in between

yesterday the husband & I celebrated our independence day
and for the first time in a while
we didn't host a b.b.q at our house
but instead, upgraded to a yard with a pool and joined in with my family
and brought our friends too
I guess you could say we had our cake & ate it too
if you are stateside I hope you also enjoyed our wednesday celebration!
oh, and the cookie cake recipe was a hit - try it out for yourself here
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