Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween - goodbye october

today was a very unconventional Halloween for me
first off, I wasn't in the classroom, obviously, so that was new for me
secondly, I am kind of in that mode where baby could come any day
and I realize that putting things off isn't a good idea
so yesterday was a major clean out of some closets with the mr.
and today, well today was for taking down Halloween decorations
the only catch
when I take down Halloween decorations, I put Christmas ones up
now to try to balance things out I did have on Edward Scissor Hands 
in the background while decorating
and yes, you have pictured it correctly
I am sitting here Halloween evening
completely surrounded by my own winter wonderland
it is even sprinkling outside a bit
and since we did our celebrating last weekend for Halloween
and I watched my obligatory October movie - Hocus Pocus
I am very ready to welcome in November
but for now I wish everyone a happy Halloween
no matter what the day may have brought you, I hope you made the best of it
display via Scout Living

Monday, October 29, 2012

ocean filigree pyrex - a little gift to myself

today the mr. and I had some errands to run
and we figured we would swing by one of our local antique malls
we were looking for vintage christmas finds
but had no luck there
instead, I did have some pretty awesome pyrex luck
my collection is large and I am extremely picky these days
but when I spied this casserole I knew I had to look closer
so yes, I am now very excited to own this very rare piece
I have found very little information on it
but it seems to go by the name Ocean Filigree
and yes, even though it may seem strange, it came with this awesome 
green plastic hugger cradle
so different than the typical pyrex cradle made of wood and metal
and green does happen to be my favorite color
so when I found it for a fraction of the online pricing
I knew it was time to get myself a little present
especially since it will most likely be the last piece of pyrex I buy for a while
because as many of you can probably tell by now
everly mae is going to be here oh so soon
so I'll be out of the thrifting scene for a bit
because I am going to be too busy snuggling with my little baby girl

Sunday, October 28, 2012

we keep things low key

last night we enjoyed a very simple halloween celebration
this year we kept things very last minute and simple
mostly because we had no real way of knowing if we were going to be up for celebrating
or at the hospital in labor
and since Everly is still hanging in there for me as of the moment
we had the opportunity to do some celebrating
I loved our night of pumpkin carving and decorating
of playing games and enjoying sweet treats
and above all
spending the time with friends who also loved this kind of night
and as we get closer to the little lady's due date
it is amazing to know we have people around us who are so excited for her arrival
and where our little group is heading
and in case it wasn't clear, we took advantage of me being 
9 months pregnant for halloween
and dressed up as Juno and Paulie Bleeker
37 weeks is officially in the books

Friday, October 26, 2012

maternity leave is for...

many things getting checked off the to-do list
and I've been off for a week now and I am amazed how I got anything done before
when working full time
because man, I've been busy, everyday
so here's what maternity leave has been for lately:
-catching up on masters homework
-spending time with Luna who now apparently likes me a lot more
 now that I'm not working
-decorating treat cups for our little halloween get-together tomorrow
-watching Everly move around like crazy
-learning that taking laundry out of the dryer is an art form when 
we are talking baby clothes
[my first attempt left a pretty crazy trail of little things through the house]
-having time to realize that your friends are obsessed with Skittles 
[and actually remembering to stock up for the weekend]
-picking out the perfect pumpkins
-realizing that lunch is now my main meal because by dinner 
there just doesn't seem to be any more room for a "real meal"
-taking mini road trips to see some important people before E arrives
-getting used to people saying "this is the last time I'll see you before baby time"
[which is crazy to me for some reason]
-learning that I am really picky when it comes to buying clothes for Everly
[like super picky]

there has been some resting
there has been a LOT of good sleeping
and a ton of enjoying fall
and getting so excited that our little one is coming during my favorite time of year

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a disney halloween good time

a little over a week ago the mr. and I took our last little road trip
as just mr. and mrs.
and we took advantage of our annual passes to disneyland
we finally got to see the park decorated for halloween
so since I had a lot of time in the park to take pictures
due to the fact that most of my favorite "big rides" 
aren't exactly friendly to pregnant women
here is what I did
 and to celebrate the fact that we were in disneyland exactly
 one month before my due date
we bought one of these AMAZING carmel apples
we split the one on the bottom right hand corner
apple, carmel, oreo crumbles, white chocolate drizzle and gummy worms
we took it back to the hotel, chilled it for a bit [my preference]
and then enjoyed every last bite, yum, I now want another one

Monday, October 22, 2012

pumpkin baking and rain is falling

today is a perfect fall day to stay inside
my house currently smells just how it should for the end of october
pumpkin baked goods and fresh rain falling, yes please
and I finally got the chance to make them again yesterday morning
and I've been enjoying them ever since, I've shared a few
but I think baby and I have had the most
the best part in making these muffins is that they only take two ingredients
15 oz. can of pumpkin
yellow cake mix
that's it
however, if you like spicier pumpkin baked goods
which I do
I suggest getting into the spice cabinet and just going for it
I used my pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and nutmeg
and I might have even thrown in some allspice after I snapped this picture
and because there is no raw egg in the batter
this pregnant lady had no problems testing the batter until it tasted just how I wanted

make sure to fill the cupcake liners up pretty high because they will not rise a ton
bake for 20 minutes at 350 and call it a day

Saturday, October 20, 2012

36 weeks

hitting nine months officially this week
and Everly is letting us know that she will be here soon
she has been a very active baby for some time
especially during our evening t.v. time
but now the movement is so visible it is just simply crazy
thankfully she is still hanging out in the head down position
but is still pretty high up, so I'm thinking I still have a little time before she arrives
besides trying to get up off the sofa in the evenings
and the complete inability to bend at the waist
I've still been feeling pretty good
rings are fitting
ankles are still visible
so no complaints here
and the best part, maternity leave is my new happy place
oh, and fall is officially here for us in northern california
and that makes me one happy lady
there may even be a little rain in the future
good, awesome, lovely

Thursday, October 18, 2012

maternity leave has officially begun

and it is already rockin'
getting to sleep in
having time to tidy things up around the house
and starting to run some baby errands felt pretty great
however, leaving my classroom yesterday was a very odd feeling
knowing the room is still mine, and has all my stuff
but knowing there will be another teacher there for six months was kind of giving
this control freak some mixed emotions
with that being said
I left gladly
this year has been a challenge for me
and I quickly realized that my focus now was outside the classroom
I never got planned in for more than a couple of days at a time
something that has never happened before
so now I am very glad to spend this year becoming a mom
and knowing that I will get my passion back for the classroom
it is just not going to happen right at this moment
instead, it's baby time folks

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it's halloween time at disneyland

and the mr. and I got to experience it this past weekend
for years now we have talked about going to Disneyland for Halloween
but it just never seemed to happen
so when October rolled around this year we figured we had two really great reasons to 
make sure the trip happened this year:
#1 we have a season pass, so the weekend was pretty inexpensive for us
#2 it was going to be our last weekend away before Everly arrives
here is just a quick glance at our trip according to my phone
and I look forward to sharing some "real photos" later this week
now the weekend didn't go off without a few little hitches
like when I cut the top of my two toes pretty bad while walking into a Taco Bell
and let me just say, bleeding in the middle of a fast food joint
 is something I could have done without
not to mention, real shoes were no longer an option for the rest of the trip
but thankfully the flip flops did the trick
the other big issue - the park was PACKED
the husband and I just tied to take it all in
and realize that we will go back in February when the experience is a little calmer
and lastly, I've developed this fun little inner leg cramp/twitch thing
that comes out of nowhere, and lasts just a few seconds
but I look like a spaz when it hits me, and yes, I think many people around me
probably thought I was going into labor
but oh well

all in all, considering I was nine months pregnant on this little trip
I would say we did pretty well!

on another note, tomorrow is my last day of work before maternity leave
and yes, I am SO ready for it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Last weekend away as a family of two and a bump

The Mr. and I are headed out for a couple of days to visit The Happiest Place on Earth while it is still technically still just the two of us. Here's to some time in Disneyland nine months pregnant and while it's decorated for my favorite time of year - Halloween! And yes, we did rent a Prius - yeah for good mileage for this little trip across the state, just never thought I would see the husband next to one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ten on ten [october]

today was a challenging ten on ten for me
at 35 weeks pregnant - a work day is hard enough to get through
without trying to capture the beauty in that day
but hey, that's the point of the project after all
but still, it was a hard one
hopefully I'll be going out on maternity leave next week
because folks, I'm done
1. yes, it's wednesday, and I'm wearing flip-flops at work [I told you I was done]
2. post-its & polka dots
3. Spooky Stories done and hung up [and almost all graded]
4. writing options & giant eraser happiness
5. doctor office - trying to get written out earlier [now just paperwork logistics & I'm free]
6. trying to be productive - did find some new fall sweaters - now if it would get even cooler
7. homeward bound
8. new toy for Everly, figured E would need an Elephant, and it is SO soft
9. washing my latest Pyrex find from the weekend
10. time to put my feet up at last

Saturday, October 6, 2012

33 weeks

last minute baby prepping is keeping the mr. and I pretty busy
we've now finished our classes
and the last thing on our list is the hospital tour
I have three weeks left of work
and hopefully that will give me a few days before Everly gets here
it seems like all the first time moms I know lately have been having their babies
at least two weeks early
so I might need a few extra days off - we'll see

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

they're back!

in the past I have posted about my love for the Etsy Shop Retro Menagerie
yes, part of my love is due to the fact that I'm great friends with the shop owner
but the second part of my love comes from the awesomeness of the prints
I have several hanging in E's nursery
but I must admit, some of my favorite prints from the shop
are the holiday designs created by Jaymee Srp
and today I noticed that the Halloween prints are back and ready for order
here are a few of my favorite designs
Mid Century Haunted House [I have this one in my house!]
So if you are feeling like you could use a new addition to your Halloween decor
check out Retro Menagerie for all her holiday prints
you will not be disappointed by the quality of prints
and the speediness in which they are delivered to you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

feeling a tad under the weather

the last couple of days I've been battling a head cold
and let me tell you, I haven't really complained this pregnancy
until this week
so here is what helped make my day today
we got the canvas I ordered of one of my favorite maternity photos
and I'm loving it in E's nursery right now
and while we are in the nursery
the bookshelf is getting pretty awesome
and I cannot wait to start reading to the little lady
time to get back to relaxing
and drinking my body weight in water & vitamin C

Monday, October 1, 2012

welcoming my favorite month

October is simply an amazing month
however, this year I haven't quite taken full advantage of it's awesomeness yet
today, it was 100 degrees here in northern california
and pretty much the worst way to welcome in this month that is supposed to be filled
with all things fall
by next week we should be in the 80's, but still, not quite tights & scarves weather
besides the weather, something else shocking has happened this October first
I am still not decorated for Halloween
for many years now, I have taken advantage of the mr. 
working all of labor day weekend to decorate for Halloween
however, pregnancy has a silly way of making you find other things to do
so hopefully this weekend I will get a few things put up
just to feel a little more like myself
[recycled image from last year, again - kind of the theme this fall, until it starts feeling like fall[
so here are a few of my goals for this month:

#1 keep miss everly mae happy enough in my tummy to not make her appearance until at least November 1st
#2 go to a pumpkin patch
#3 bake any type of pumpkin goodies I can come up with
#4 visit apple hill again this year, maybe this time during the week 
while I'm on maternity leave and the place isn't crazy
#5 get costumes - just in case we can still have a minor halloween shindig
#6 wear a scarf
#7 wear shoes that are closed-toe & have a back for that fact
#8 visit my sister meg in her new oakland apartment
#9 carve jack-o-lanterns again this year
#10 try to wrap my head around the fact that this will be the last month that the mr. & I are
"just the two of us"

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