Thursday, November 29, 2012

putting things into perspective

today I got restless
I wanted to go do something
but the rain and Everly made getting out and about a little tricky
and the fact that I had a to-do list that needed my attention
we did get a walk in before things got too stormy
but other than that we've been house-bound
at one point I was feeling a tad stressed with the masters homework I 
had to finish before this weekend
and still frustrated that I am still needing to supplement E with a good amount
of formula to not starve her
and even though I had dishes to unload and laundry to put away
and thank you cards to write, I was feeling bored
and that was when the mr. reminded me of what is most important
Everly was sleeping next to me while I was working
and he said
"just look at her, we cannot be stressed about anything when we have her.  just look at that little bundle of joy, it will all be fine."
and that is so true
because right now she is sleeping on me while I type with one hand
and that could never be a bad thing
so even though every day might not be jam packed with
outings and adventures
and some days we will just need to stay home and get things done
we are lucky to have our Everly

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

oh hey, I'm three weeks old today

well, technically I'm three weeks and one day old today
this week I have been very busy with the following:
-I rolled over from my tummy to my back while laying on the sofa with daddy
[apparently that is pretty cool for someone my age]
-used my pinky fingers to hold my own bottle
[my mom was so impressed by this she was snapping photos of me like mad]
-my mom finally figured out I wasn't getting enough food and she started giving me extra goodness in a bottle and I gained a whole pound in one week
[now I don't have to go back to the dr. until January!]
-I accidentally petted our kitty Luna while doing one of my many daily stretches, I liked it, she liked it, I think I'll do it again soon
-I had my first shopping trip to the mall where mom left very happy because she found some dresses she said she can feed me in, so that sounds like good news for me
-I had two thanksgivings where I met so many family members, I think holidays are going to be some good times for me in the future
-we found grammy her christmas tree and decorated it
[the whole thing exhausted me so I slept through it all]
time for me to get back to my napping
it is pretty much my favorite thing to do right now
-Everly Mae

Saturday, November 24, 2012

hunting for the perfect christmas tree

today the mr. and I helped pick out the family christmas tree for my mom's house
it is something we have done ever since we were dating
and this year we got to bring our little Everly
so we decided we should also bring the camera for yet another first for E
my family has been buying our tree from the same man since I was about seven
so getting to bring our little one with us just seemed pretty special
this is just one of many traditions I am so excited to continue with our little family

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy turkey day

I hope that everyone celebrating today had an amazing Thanksgiving
I know that the start of the holiday season could not have been any better for us
because this little one pretty much could brighten up any day
especially those days that are all about being thankful for what we have 
so no matter how big or small your holiday was today
or whether you celebrated with friends or family
I hope you too found much to be thankful for

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blooming bath bliss

a while back when I was on the baby boards of pinterest non-stop
I stumbled upon the Blooming Bath
I instantly thought it looked like a little piece of bath time heaven
before it had arrived we tried a couple of sponge baths while we waited 
for E's tummy to heal
and she was not having it, not one bit
not to mention that bath time was something I was very nervous about
Everly is tiny, and throwing water on her just seemed to be a little scary for me
as soon as we got our Blooming Bath getting our little lady clean
became on of my favorite times of the day
and E absolutely loves her bath time too
the only time she gets sad now is when I take her out 
of her big comfy flowery cute bath 
and the best part, you can just use it in the kitchen sink
hang it to dry or toss it in the dryer for a few minutes
so there's my mommy approved product 
if you have a little one, or one on the way, I highly suggest the awesomeness

Monday, November 19, 2012

oh hey, I'm two weeks old today

today I turned two weeks old
I've been working hard to gain weight, things are still going slow
but I think we will get there soon
this week I've been loving the following:
-the Christmas lights around the windows
-staring at clouds, every chance I get
-being on my tummy
-sleeping on whoever will cuddle with me
-getting to see my auntie two times in one week
-finally deciding that I am calling my grandma "grammy"
-finding out that my thumb is pretty cool, but really, any of my fingers will do
-my dad makes the craziest noises and they always make me happy
-my mom loves taking a "late night nap" with me
-taking baths are now awesome, I think I'm officially a water baby
-making sure my arms and hands are always free, 
I especially like when they are above my head
not a bad two weeks if I do say so myself
-Everly Mae

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the one post I wish someone would have written

even before I was pregnant I read many different posts 
from the various awesome mommy bloggers out there
I was ready for so many parts of pregnancy and motherhood
what to pack for the hospital, what to expect your first couple of days of parenthood, etc.
however, the one post that I wish I would have read
would have been about clothing, yes, go figure
this past week I have realized that I officially have no "nursing friendly" clothing
like none
there are downsides to dressing very modestly and loving dresses
they pretty much make it impossible to feed the little lady on the go
so here is what I wish I would have been told before delivering:
1) your body will bounce back to close to your original size right after baby [nature is crazy awesome like that], but don't expect your old wardrobe to work like it used to, and maternity clothes are also not going to fit how you want, so you most likely will have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear - and this may sound silly, but that could in fact get some "baby blues" tears flowing, and flowing fast
2) loose fitting dresses are great for your changing waistline, but if they are not button down or have thin straps, they are not going to work for on the go feedings
3) invest in some button down tops and cardigans
4) know you will be fitting into your jeans, but they will not feel as comfortable as those awesome maternity ones you have been used to for the past couple of months, buttons and zippers are just not as great as that elastic waistband you have been rockin', so be warned
so bottom line, check your closet before delivering to see if anything you own 
will work for nursing
and if it won't, take a trip and buy a few things for yourself
not just your soon to be baby
because dressing Everly is officially the easiest part of my mornings
dressing myself on the other hand, challenge number one

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

out and about with a little baby

I think before you become parents for the first time
you really have no idea how it is all going to go down
we had some ideas and hopes for how we wanted to parent
but were our ideas simply unrealistic?
well for the most part, we are getting through our days just the way we wanted
so yesterday we finally got out and about in the neighborhood
and went for our first walk as a family
Everly even went to her first food truck last night
[a true passion of her father's]
so yeah
we are birthing baby in tubs, co-sleeping, baby-wearing parents
and we couldn't be happier about it

Monday, November 12, 2012

oh hey, I'm one week old

I cannot believe that our little Everly has already been here for one whole week
I'm feeling very lucky to have fallen into motherhood fairly easily
we have been blessed with a healthy baby who sleeps
our biggest challenge this week has been keeping the weight on Everly 
I was pretty sure I would have an eight pound baby
and instead, I had a baby who weighed 6lbs 13oz at birth
and then by wednesday she had lost 13% of her body weight 
dropping down to 5lbs 15oz
now considering everything that could happen to a baby,
we knew this was a very manageable situation
but being a new mama and just seeing your little one get smaller by the day
wasn't the easiest thing to handle 
but after a few tears and some great support from the mr.
we powered through, knew that everything would be fine
it just might take time
so since wednesday we have been working around the clock to keep the 
little lady fed and full
which meant supplementing with formula
and we used a little syringe to feed her to not interfere with nursing
four dr. visits later we are officially moving in the right direction
and today we found out she weighs 6lbs 4 oz
and yes, the husband did hi-five Everly after we took her off the scale
very proud moment for these new parents 

so happy one week of life miss Everly Mae

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ten on ten [november]

why yes, this is my first ten on ten as a mom
so I'm pretty sure you can guess what parts of my day I was shooting
1. good morning  2. waking and stretching  3. belly kisses  4. first trip to where mom & dad met  5. snuggling with great uncle  6. sometimes this happens when you're little  7. ready for our first bath  
8. well we handled our first bath ok, but was very happy after  9. skin to skin with daddy  
10. the laundry can wait to be put away

happy ten on ten

Friday, November 9, 2012

we are thankful

november is a month to be thankful
and this november we have even more to be thankful for
our friend Geoff of The Goodness came the morning that Everly was born
to take some images of her first hour 
and we could not be any luckier to have these moments forever captured
here are just a few of my favorites
and yes, we are in love
like completely in love

Thursday, November 8, 2012

everly mae is here

our little everly mae arrived monday, november 5th
at 7:24 in the morning 
weighing 6 lbs 13 ounces and 20 inches long
we have been home since tuesday and all is well
these are just a few of my favorites from our trip home from the hospital
she is perfect.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

38 weeks

well, we are coming to the end of my 38th week
the waiting game is interesting to say the least
you never know when the day is going to come
right now things are so calm and I have so much free time
[like I have never seen my sink so dish free in years]
and I know in a blink of an eye everything will be very different
but I just couldn't tell you how
even though the unknown can be scary
the mr. and I are getting very excited
 and since I have made it to my masters class this weekend
[the one thing I asked Everly to do for me]
we are officially getting on some of those natural induction tricks my midwives 
have been mentioning lately
so tonight I will be drinking organic raspberry leaf tea
[even though I HATE tea]
wish me luck, it is seriously waiting for me on the coffee table right now
and I'm scared
yes, drinking tea, that is what I'm scared of right now
trying to keep things in perspective

Thursday, November 1, 2012

november first is for starting a photo challenge

it has been some time since I have taken part in a daily photo challenge
but I've decided that this month might be a great reason to play along
I'm thinking that I'll be taking even more photos than I know what to do with
once Everly Mae arrives, and while I wait for her
I have a little more time since I'm on maternity leave
so here goes
play along, especially if you are on instagram
if so - tag your photos #FMSPHOTOADAY to see everyone else 
who is joining in too
happy first day of november - find something that starts with the letter "c"
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