Saturday, June 7, 2014

year seven, check

Year seven has officially come to a close.  This year I consider myself to be one of the lucky teachers. This year I did not get pink slipped, this year I am not moving schools, or classrooms, or grades. This year I have been able to teach a lesson and reflect daily on how I will do it better next year. This year I got to enjoy my last days of school with my students I worked so hard to get ready for seventh grade, and they've put the work in too. This year I said goodbye to my students for two months, knowing I will see them again in August. This year my students said goodbye knowing where to find me in the future, even after I'm no longer their teacher. This year, taking down the projects from the walls did not make me sad, because this year, it didn't mean the end of another job, with no idea of what's next.  This year I challenged myself to teach gifted students, and this year my successes were clear. This year I worked longer hours than I hoped, but I can say I'm proud of the hours I put in. This year I learned a little more of balancing teaching, and mothering, and wifing (if we can make up words for artistic reasons). This year I found a home that I can see myself being in for the long haul. This year I started to settle into room four, a room I hope to see my kids come back to years down the road to share with me their successes and joys in life.

Last week I had two high school girls walk right past me as they entered my classroom after school, coming to visit the teacher who had been there before me. They stood in the middle of my room asking themselves where their former teacher was.  I explained the room was mine now, they looked surprised, and very sad to not see their former teacher. And so, this is the year I realized I'm starting the next little legacy at this school. And I couldn't be any luckier. 
This year was pretty amazing for so many reasons.  Here are just a few moments that made me smile in my seventh year of teaching.
I look forward to two entire months of freedom.  Two months of recharging and spending every minute with that little girl of mine.  And best of all, when I think of next year, I have so many exciting ventures to look forward to.  Year eight will also be great, and that makes me the luckiest.

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