what's this blog about?

My name is Lyndsay, but since this blog was inspired by my time in the classroom, I go by Miss Macri (mac-ree).  Even though these days my students call me by my married name, I love the way the maiden one sounds too much to let it go all together.  I'm a twenty-something wife living in California, trying to make the best out of this thing we call the recession.

My blog title is not meant to offend those who are domesticated...I'm simply stating a fact.  I'm educated in just about everything but domestication.   It seemed like my entire childhood was against me becoming someone who knew their way around a kitchen.  In fact, I specifically remember trying to get into home-economics class EVERY semester in junior high.  I never did.  Then came high school, and well, we did not even have a home-ec class.  Our focus in school was just that, higher education, which worked for me since I knew I wanted to teach, and college is pretty key in doing that.  Thankfully senior year I finally had some time in my schedule to get into the next best thing, "Living on your own", a course that probably doesn't even exist in the current budget situation.  Anyways, I did learn how to sew on a button (barely, they still tend to dangle) and how to balance a checkbook (something that is now pretty antiquated).

Then there was college, and yes, I learned a ton about kids, their development, their learning styles, etc., but nothing on how to get by in the second half of my "real world", my house.  Thankfully, I had an amazing friend and roommate who knew how to do everything I did not, and a picked up a few more pieces of useful knowledge, but well, as many of us do, we went and got married to some boys we met along the way.

I'm not sure how we have gotten by in our first three years (almost) of marriage, but one thing is pretty clear, we do not subscribe to any gender roles in our house.  Which is good, because we would be pretty skinny at this point.  In fact, when meeting with an older family friend (in her nineties) she very seriously  said to me that "clearly I was not feeding my husband, look how he's just skin and bones".  Mike just smiled at me, yes, I married a good man.  When the meal planning is left up to me, which now only happens during the summer months, you better bet that a frozen pizza will be on the menu at least once during that week.  Just the other night I was feeling all good about cooking dinner and figured I would make spaghetti.  We were having an unseasonably cool June evening (it was even raining), and so why not?  Pasta is cooked, turkey is browned, on to the sauce, and what do you know, we are out.  Now yes, someone should check before starting their meal to make sure they have all their main ingredients, but nope, that's just not my style.  So instead, we got by in making some sloppy joe's and the plain pasta is still in the fridge.

So, bottom line - what's this blog about?  Well,  I'm a teacher, my kids think a pretty good one at that.  I'm a wife.  I'm pretty crafty & love to plan parties.  And finally, I was born antiquing & thrifting and love sharing my finds.

But domestic, no, not yet.  Maybe by our 30th wedding anniversary I will have picked up some mad household skills, but until then, I'll stick to what I know.

Thanks for reading!
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