Tuesday, September 27, 2011

little happy list

today I'm taking an amazingly simple yet awesome idea from naomi over at rockstar diaries
I'm joining in and making my own happy list

here is what's making me smile this week -
1. turkey burgers on the patio with the husband
2. having a student who was just moved out of my class due to a schedule change come back to me and say he missed my classroom.  when I asked what was so different, he said it just wasn't quite as colorful in his new class.  that works for me.
3. taking a walk on quiet tree lined streets.
4. being able to say hello to 165 students that are mine.  and that I know their names.
5. seeing my apartment decorated for halloween.
6. knowing I get to see my former students this friday at fall festival.  and yes, I will be face painting.
7. watching new t.v.
8. having almost all the work from the colonial fair hanging up as you can see below.
So what's making your happy list this week?

Monday, September 26, 2011

beach day - bodega bay

last weekend we got away.  and it was pretty nice.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday's "so they said" is back for my fifth year in the classroom

Truth be told this little blog started back in August of 2009.  I was new to this whole process and was trying to figure out what I really wanted from this little page.  It began with people constantly telling me to write down my crazy teaching stories so that one day I could write a book.  Well I tried that whole writing down thing and it just wasn't my thing.  Turns out I'm a pretty fast typer and I love incorporating photos with my rambles.  So, blogging began.  Now last year I really picked up posting as well as some awesome readers, and even started a weekly tradition I called "so they said".  Just one of my favorite quotes from the week of teaching.  My plan was to get right back on these posts in August, but it turned out that with 180 students I had no idea what they were saying to remember a quote come Sunday!

Finally this week I felt like I was back to my old self.  After throwing my own little personal pity party last week where I mourned the loss of getting to be an elementary school teacher as well as feeling oh so sorry for myself having to get my masters degree on top of everything, I cried it out.  Like big time.  Once that was done, I woke up Monday morning still not ecstatic to be going to work (yes, in years past I really have felt this way!) but I sucked it up, and turns out, the tides had changed.  All of a sudden, my kids were cracking me up, producing some amazing work, and all around making my days pretty great.  I was told it took longer to bond with middle schoolers, they were not lying.  And once I got over my own issues I was ready to just have a better year.

So, that was quite an introduction for this week's quote.  Typically, it won't be quite so wordy!

On Wednesday we held our Colonial Travel Fair where students set up mini booths about their assigned colony.  They displayed a slogan banner, travel brochure, tourist map, and colonial newspaper they had created over the past few days in class.  I must say it was a pretty fun day as the kids promoted and argued, in the best way possible, as to who had the best colony.

Before starting in one of the classes I had one of my girls come up to me and ever so seriously ask me

"So Mrs. Lewis, which colony has been trending so far?"

Well, I paused for a minute, realized what she was referring to, and responded that "currently the middle colonies had been trending".  I hope my response was grammatically correct according to twitter.  Well, I thought I was the cool young teacher, looks like I have a tad more work to do.

And, just because I didn't feel like this post was lengthy enough, I also want to try one more thing in the "so they said" posts - poetry, or writing in general.  When going through my inboxes for each class (that are currently empty & awesome) I began grading some extra credit poetry some chose to do for September 11th.  This one just caught my eye - so here it is.

We walked down the street
our hands intertwined
you smiled down at me and I looked into your eyes
you dropped me off in a twin and headed up the stairs
you pushed the button for the elevator
and walked on in
there was a rumble outside but no one paid a mind
there was a crash and a boom
and screams all around
as the plane crashed into the tower
and I heard the death filled screams
I closed my eyes real hard
and pretended it was all a dream

And just because I think every post deserves a picture - here's a peek at what we did yesterday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

welcome fall

you are pretty awesome in my book
I've been collecting all sorts of inspirations over at pinterest 
I'm hoping to make some time to try some of this awesomeness out
this last week has also been pretty amazing in the classroom
feeling very good about that
I have so many projects to share
and will be ready to start back up my "Sunday's So They Said"
I'm getting back to having kids make me laugh everyday
and that feels pretty great
and yes I know I am technically a day early on welcoming fall
but hey - it's fall somewhere
all image links here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

embracing orange & black

Love the vintage inspired decorations they have at target this season.  
So amazing considering the real things are priced SO high!  
Finally, I'm loving my new little candy jar.
Just another souvenir from our trip to Ohio
and yes, it will only see candy corn
because the husband loves it - and I won't touch it!
happy hauntings.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

let the festivities begin

This past weekend I started decorating for Halloween - my favorite holiday in my favorite season.  This year I realized how many changes have occurred in our home this past year.   With this being said, my go-to decorating wasn't possible.  Here are just a couple shots of the place, reworking my antiques in with my decorations.  Also, I have changed my focus from the spookier look for a little more orange & black and vintagie goodness.  Those pictures coming soon!  Want to see the place in the past - check here, here, and here.  And yes, I do decorate insanely early.  And please, excuse the old blogging format - I was still learning!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

remembering nine-eleven

we talked.  we watched.  we painted.  we learned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

why study history - and a bit of a middle school rant

So I'm a tad behind on this post but things have been a smidge hectic around here.  I decided that before jumping right into curriculum to do an intro project, not to mention I needed art on my walls, and stat!  Well, goal achieved with these partner posters.  This project was completed through several homework assignments and class articles where the students eventually organized the following - why do we study history, how can we learn about other societies through history, and most importantly, how does history make us better citizens?  They responded to these questions in the top three boxes.  Then they were asked to choose any three events in US history they were interested in, draw a picture or symbol representing the event, and ultimately write a paragraph explaining how this event impacted or changed our nation.  Enjoy the prettiness, I know I am daily.

And finally, on a more serious note, I'm still feeling SO lost in the middle school scene.  I know the names of maybe five teachers, I make elementary mistakes daily, and I am still not lovin the whole repeating myself thing.  Not to mention trying to keep track of 180 students is a nightmare.  I know I'm lucky to have a job and blah, blah, blah, but seriously, I'm lacking my usual passion, and well, that just sucks.  I'm trying to build connections with my kids, and I know they are coming, but just at a much slower pace than I'm used to.  My desk is already covered with stacks of paper larger than I have EVER had in my years.  I guess I just need to remember that change is hard.  I was just hoping that in my fifth year I wasn't going to feel less prepared than my first.On the positive side, I broke my habit of writing a 1, 2, 3 or 4 at the top of the tests I was grading (our elementary grading scale) and started writing A, B, C and so on.  Sure I looked a tad like a crazy teacher on a few of the early tests, but hey, I'm trying here folks!

Oh, and one more thing, I HATE having my grade book being online and available for parents to see any time they want.  I'm getting emails daily from parents asking why this and why that?  People, give me until progress notices, which are already due next week, things will all be settled by then.  Sheesh.

Parenting note for the future, don't hover.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

day after photos

Because who really wants to take a ton of couple photos when
 your party is waiting for you?
Our day afters were some of my favorite photos - thanks to a special lady at Sarah Maren Photographers. and I loved getting to take some time to shoot 
a few for my aunt on her big day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

wedding day part two

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