Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fools' - almost

Well, I needed an art project for Friday. Our students will be filming a video they have created for our character education presentation we are responsible for. So, since my morning will consist of groups of 6 constantly going in and out of the room, I needed ART. While browsing I came across an art project that was actually labeled "April Fools' Art". So yes, the stars were aligned, I found my project for Friday, April Fools'. Here is the image that will inspire my kids, hopefully. It was featured on a Post magazine cover for April, 1943. Cool for those nostalgic ones.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick Day

Well, I finally got what my kids have been passing around for weeks. So, today, I will spend my day with these fine people - season 4, yes please!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Megan's Island

So, we just finished our second read aloud of the year, and they loved it! I had mentioned before how much I LOVED reading "Scared Stiff" by WIllo Davis Roberts to my older classes. Well, these books are still getting rave reviews from my kids. So, I figured not to stray to far from success, and we just started another book by Roberts, "Megan's Island". These books are filled with cliff-hangers and suspense, and I love when my kids scream "NOOOO" when the bell rings at the end of the day, that isn't an easy task to accomplish.

On loan

So, my sister actually found this next little family treasure. Since she wasn't able to take it home with her on the train, she left it with our mom. Well, I just couldn't let it go unloved for too long. So, for now, it is ours. I will part with it one day, if she is kind, and lucky.


Now, no kitty paraphernalia will work. Strictly antiques for this kitty.

midtown & mid century modern

Recently, we were blessed with some pretty awesome danish modern furniture from an old family friend of that husband of mine. We have been able to move some of our "starter" ikea furniture out, and bring the awesomeness in. Enjoy...

My dad's old picture from his office is perfect.

Charley Harper - of course.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

time & energy to travel

Expository writing can be fun!

I have AMAZING artists in my room!

Favorite season writing.

Dr. King

Last year I saw a teacher do a similar project to this for Dr. King's birthday. Unfortunately, it was too hard for my kids last year, so I filed it away until I could use it. I googled Dr. King, traced his image on my promethean board, ran a copy of the outline, and then cut the paper in half. I have tried to do "positive/negative" art before, but never could figure it out. This year the stars were aligned and here is our finished product. One of the better art projects I have done with kids. In fact, they are still up in my room, and it is almost April!

Love Charley Harper

This year I have fell in love with all things Charley Harper. Including the coloring book I found of his work. Instant art lesson. Pastels with water colors and a Haiku poem to top it off.

Friday, March 25, 2011


A trip to Point Bonita, not Sly Park

my ROOM MOM brought me coffee, just because

the husband was pretty happy after this day

I have a classroom kitty, Ennis

Cake walk in my room

free books

just the first day of school - hadn't even asked yet
so yes, just a few guilty pleasures of this year

On the domestic front - still nothing but cupcakes

Enjoy my year in cupcakes.

And not a single one was from scratch!


I finally got the desk I always wanted. I've been eyeing one of these for years, and if I have to leave it too, well, that just might put me over the edge.

My trip down the fundamental road

Well, after a few tries my district finally placed me this last year in a 5th grade position (thank Buddah) at a fundamental school. Now for the entire world who does not know what this means, it is quite the opposite of how it sounds. No, I didn't spend my days teaching 2+2. Instead, we are an enrollment only school where volunteer hours are strictly required, and documented (by everyone but me!).

Unfortunately, I did not come into this opening with happiness, butterflies, and rainbows. Instead, I was placed there because a truly amazing teacher had passed away suddenly in June. Now it was my time to try to live up to a teacher who was an institution at this school. Needless to say, I was really wishing to be ANYWHERE but there. How little did I know that it would come to be a class and experience I will never forget. So, here is how I came into my room after the staff tried to help, and here is what my room looked like after one VERY long day.

Somehow, I missed a year...

Seeing as how this has simply been one of the most amazing teaching years I have had so far, I'm not sure why I have done NO blogging about it. Maybe, it just seemed too good to be true. Maybe once I blogged about it, it would be done. So now that another round of pink slips have been delivered (mine is still waiting at the post office) and the rest of my school year has been planned, now it is time to reflect and share about my year.

It will be emotional. There will be tears. And I will question again how this whole layoff process works. My kids will suffer, and I will suffer. But in the meantime, let us review what a year in 5th grade looks like. Hope you enjoy what my kids create as much as I did at the time, and still do!
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