Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the best way to spread christmas cheer...

is singing loud for all to hear.
I started hanging lights
but decided to take a few pictures instead
until recently I never realized how much I loved the photos that
 used to hang in my dad's office
now one is mine, and hanging some winter cheer around the frame
 just makes me smile
december first is tomorrow - let's do this.

Monday, November 28, 2011

lately...on instagram

I've been enjoying these things lately.
trees & turkeys
pups & thanksgiving
twinkling lights & luna
meg, her pink hair & pyrex
what have you been enjoying lately?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

small business saturday

so let's get out and do some shopping ladies!
support those small businesses we all love
and, not that we need one more reason to love either west elm or etsy-
but I'll give you one more...
and this year I am lucky enough to know one of the local etsy shops
that will be featured at my west elm here in roseville, ca
so if you are in the area - go check out Jaymee Srp from Retro Menagerie
who will be selling her prints
here's a peak at her holiday collection
so, if you love etsy & supporting local businesses as much as me
go check out your local west elm
December 1st, 2011
from 6-9pm
each store will also be decorating a christmas tree that will then be donated
to a local children's charity!
win-win for everyone

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

just because I enjoy it

Because I just like keeping things pretty around here, I'll save you from the Pyrex stories for each piece.  However, if you're into that kind of thing, I've posted more about it over at the Pyrex Collective II!

Monday, November 21, 2011

sunday's "so they said" on monday...again!

today was my first official day of thanksgiving break
and I've been enjoying my time off already
yesterday morning the husband and I went for a little walk...
to the doughnut shop!
not a bad start to the day
we also visited our favorite antique mall
where I found some pyrex treasures I'll be sharing soon!
we ended the day by strolling the mall
and getting some coffee, so not a bad end to sunday either 
This week was pretty fun with my kids.  When doing a pre-activity with them to teach them the frustrations the writers of the Constitution had while drafting, I was called a name that I will use as this week's "so they said".   Instead of jumping right into the Constitution we spent the first part of our day trying to vote on a Pandora station to listen to in class for the day.  We went through the formal process of voting, but what they did not know is that I rigged the game so that they would never reach the nine votes they needed to reach a consensus!    After several proposals and the equal amount of rejections (and the tensions & frustration level highly elevated!)  we reflected on the activity where I was called...

"an evil genius"

Well, thank you.  I take that as a compliment.  
I also had one student, who I may let you know has been "identified" with oh so many "labels" tell me...

"so you just spent more than half of this class period making a point?"

Yes.  That is exactly right.  And I don't feel bad about it, not one bit!

To my teacher friends out there - enjoy our first, very well-deserved, break!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

vintage birthday gifts are the best

last night we celebrated mom's birthday
before I went I snapped a few shots of her gift
now she will have two Enid Collins for her vintage purse collection
these purses are amazing - period.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It is funny how once you get out of school, meeting friends is a very different process.  The way you make friends can get pretty creative.  This particular couple, Geoff & Lisa, were friended by the husband and I in a very strange way indeed - we shared the same wedding photographer!  Turns out, they also happen to be wedding photographers and we met them when the husband surprised me with a first-year anniversary shoot and they were there, with our wedding photographer, to second-shoot.  We hit it off pretty instantly, and even though we all have pretty busy lives, we still get to see each other for some good-fun shenanigans.

So, I'm getting to the point, I promise.

Day Sixteen - Who Inspires Me

Geoff & Lisa of The Goodness
Not just for their awesome photos they capture of their couples
or their ability to cook from scratch like its nobody's business
but also for this - the darn cutest photo shoot I've seen
and tying it all together with a pretty little bow
they took these photos for their 2nd Wedding Anniversary
go figure!
If you want to see more of their "Up" inspired photos go check out their blog
And yes, there is an "Up" house - in Utah
(who also happens to pretty inspiration, and super blog-stalking worthy!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

day fourteen - favorite movie

this is a real hard one... so let me give you two.

image here & here
The story of a young girl who travels with a rock band.  It's hard not to fall in love with this storyline.  I first saw this movie in college and have been enamored by it ever since.

image here & here
A movie about a girls professional baseball league that also happened to have just about the cutest uniforms you could imagine, and inspired by true stories = favorite movie of all time.

Funny thing I just realized, I have been both of these leading ladies for Halloween!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday's "so they said"

this wonderful three day weekend I've had quite a bit of time on my own
so what better thing to do than taking a little afternoon stroll...with my camera
and now on to some sunday business -
this week was filled with lots of grading
here are two things that were "said" on paper, and cracked me up, and scared me all at the same time! And one classroom question I had to keep a straight face for!

one of the essay questions I asked students was what event they thought had the biggest impact on getting the colonists to enter into war with was one response:
"The boston tea party had the greatest influence because they got tired of the tea."
Sounds like a good reason to go to war.  I'm not a big fan of tea either.

And I also learned some geography facts:
Asia is now apparently a country.

My favorite question from the week:
"Is Martha Washington the wife of George Washington?"

Really?  I mean, REALLY?  I kindly responded yes, and that I blame your first grade teacher for that one!

Pretty proud of the above three quotes, and that brings me to...
day twelve: what I'm pretty darn proud of
Well, it's pretty clear I'm not going to say the above knowledge that was displayed this week.  At least they are trying, and I do remember that they are thirteen, and so I just smile when they have a "moment", even though it hurts me inside just a tad.

But, in all seriousness, what am I proud of.  Hearing that my class is an 8th graders favorite class to go to, who is a self-proclaimed "hater of history", that is a moment to be proud of.

Also, the fact that I taught a teenager Martha Washington was our first President's wife.  Hey, at least she got it before high school!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

love me some...

day eleven: I sometimes always crave
image here

day twelve: blogs that inspire me
I'm not a mormon blogger - but I'm pretty into this one!

her hair, her style, her overall awesomeness

the thrifting, the design, & pyrex = daily reading

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ten on ten - november

 happy ten on ten
previous ten on tens here

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