Saturday, September 29, 2012

life lately

according to my phone
[1] seeing as how we showed up to our birthing class today an hour early
[because I didn't really check the time too closely]
the mr. and I had time for a little coffee date
and since this was officially the first coffee drink my husband has had
it was a photo moment for sure
and yes, this is how we prepare for parenting
[2] still feeling pretty zen after our birthing class today
wish I could say the same for the other women in the class
a few looked like they were going to cry in the bathroom during our first break
[3] nursery is getting there & I'm loving it
[4] you may be thinking we are super prepared parents to be
but really, the mr. just finished another tattoo [as seen in image one]
[5] trying to get caught up on grading and my overall motivation in the classroom
four weeks to go, four weeks
[6] still trying to think outside the box for my two English classes
and I've also decided that I'm a history teacher through and through
go figure

happy saturday
I've got myself positioned on the sofa, and I'm thinking 
that's exactly where I'm staying for the duration of the evening

Thursday, September 27, 2012

today I worked harder than my "no raise this year" salary

yeah, today was one of those days
and it wasn't really my students causing the issues
we will just leave it at that
but needless to say, today I could have really known a bigger paycheck
was coming my way
on tomorrow's payday
but instead, thanks to some furloughs and a pay freeze that won't be happening
and so instead, I'll talk about my love of the season premiere of New Girl
because, believe it or not, it kind of goes along with my day
image here
I've talked about my love for New Girl before
and a lot of my lovin' for the show is because of Miss Day
the ridiculously quirky teacher, who in the very first episode this season
gets laid off, something I am very familiar with
and how she is pretty much at a loss of what to do with herself
if she is not teaching, because teaching is what she is
and in those times at the end of each summer when I'm still waiting to get hired back
I think the same thing to myself
what in the world would I do everyday if I wasn't a teacher?
and I never come up with anything
so, with that being said
I'll move on from today
and I'll remember that teaching is a profession that you do not go into for the paycheck
which is good, because, to reiterate my point
today, I worked harder than my salary

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sometimes you just have to think of the simplest thing

reading and following directions is hard
at least, that's what it seems like every time I'm in the classroom
I work very hard to make sure every lesson is clear
and expectations are clearer
however, there are those times when I need my students to be able to complete a project
or assignment with multiple steps
and being able to read and follow directions is key
but I'm finding that even in middle school I am having to teach very simple
direction following skills
in the past I have given directions with a nice little numbering system
to let them know the order in which to complete the steps
however, even this has not always proven to be successful 
this week I stumbled onto something so simple
and it actually worked
give them a check list to complete while working on the project
I'm telling you, that little line where they actually "check off" as they go
made my life so much easier
and for the most part, it seemed to be the best my kids have ever
independently followed written directions
there must be something to the hand to paper connection as they go
or maybe it is just "interactive" enough to keep them focussed
whatever it is, I'm doing it again
here's just one example of our "Good vs. Evil" character comparison posters
from the story we read this week
and yes, guns can be "school appropriate" if found in our literature
or history lesson
so there you go

Monday, September 24, 2012

fall is here

and it still is feeling quite like a mild version of summer
but we are getting there, and I can tell in the mornings that my favorite season is almost here
like, really here
this fall I have so many amazing reasons to be ecstatic 
number one of course is it means we are even closer to welcoming Everly
and besides that, just the awesomeness that the season brings
being cool enough to hold my husband's hand again while walking
you get the jest
[image from last fall]
fall also means I will be leaving my classroom in just five weeks
that's right, five weeks people and I am pretty much done for the year
right now, the plan is to go back mid-april
I am conflicted about the emotions I have for leaving 
part of me is SO ready to be gone and focus on my little lady
and the other part [I must admit, the smaller part] 
is feeling some guilt about being gone for so long
I know that home is where I need to be, and want to be
but for so long I have put my classes first, really, first above anything else
so it is a new feeling for me
hopefully we can find a rock star replacement for the months I'll be gone

Saturday, September 22, 2012

adventures in oakland

well, being a northern california native there is one perception of the city of Oakland
and that is not a good one
in fact, Oakland is thought of as one scary place to be
and well, that image is still true in many parts of the town
however, as I learned today, Oakland actually has some pretty awesome gems
which is good, because my little sister meg is apartment hunting there at the moment
and that is what we spent all day doing
so here's what I learned
-oakland is filled with hipsters/punk kids-
-driving around downtown oakland on a saturday is actually pretty calm-
-parking isn't really a problem-
 [even though I may have tapped a car while parallel parking]
-the weather is pretty amazing, and so different from San Francisco-
-Lake Merritt is my new favorite place-
[and I can't wait to take E there]
-property managers may have some questionable practices-
[like when the apartment manager almost showed us a currently occupied unit because the tenant wasn't answering the door, seriously, he had the key in the door before meg kindly stopped him, needless to say, we won't be filling out an application for that building]
-I can eat my body weight in gelato-
[and apparently the girl working the counter really thought this pregnant lady needed some gelato, and since I pretty much finished the enormous portion, I guess she was right]
and finally...
-it is way quicker to get to oakland than dealing with driving all the way into the city-
[and that means everly and I will have to make many trips there to see her auntie meg]

Friday, September 21, 2012

and the party begins [everly's shower part II]

thanks to my cousin Kelsea for snapping many of these photos while I was
busy getting my mama-to-be socializing on!
and once again - so thankful for all the wonderful ladies that made this day possible
and for everyone that came to make me & E feel pretty special!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

everly mae's shower [part one]

last weekend was my baby shower for miss everly mae
and yes, I have many pictures to share
I'll try to break them up over the next couple of days
so here are some images I snapped before everyone arrived
and ok, maybe this last one snuck into this post a little prematurely
but I couldn't help sharing at least one picture of the family unit

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

our first family photos [maternity session]

last week we met up with the amazing Sarah Maren of Sarah Maren Photographers
to take our maternity photos
I am SO in love with all of the images
and I had a very hard time choosing which ones to share
so here is a pretty photo heavy post, but I did the best I could
if you are feeling like you want to see even more 
check out Sarah's blog
thank you so much to Sarah for once again being there to help us remember
the very biggest parts of our lives together as a couple, and now family

Monday, September 17, 2012

baby shower [according to my sister's phone]

yesterday was my baby shower
and it was everything and more than I could have imagined
I have SO many pictures to share
but for now, here are the instagrams my sister meg took of the day
as for today, man, I think I could have pushed the snooze button all day
I'm thinking for the first time this year
I'll be leaving when the bell rings today
sitting and doing nothing all afternoon is just what E and I need right about now
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