Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday's "so they said"

right before break we took a day to celebrate our hard work that has been going on lately
in our room
between compiling a nine piece poetry anthology
and having LOTS of district big-whigs coming into our room
looking very intimidating with their business suits and iPads
and asking OH so many questions of my kids
we needed a day to kick back and just celebrate
and that's what we did
my favorite memories of the day include:
finger snapping with my kids instead of clapping
eating a donut with first period but feeling like I had eaten 7 by the end of the day
there is such a thing as smelling too many donuts
having one student go up not just once to read her poetry
but a total of 6 separate times
each reading slightly different, including accents, sitting poses, etc.

my favorite things they said that day include:
me prompting a student to read a second piece of poetry because he chose to read
his haiku poem, only three lines, and he looked up at me and said oh so seriously
"can I read the same poem again?"
now, let me tell you that typing this quote does it no justice
I was laughing so hard that I was literally crying

later in the day, one of my students as she sat down on the stool said
"oh wow, as soon as I sit here I just feel so dark and mysterious, ok, 
now I am ready to read my poem"

and lastly, I was so excited to hear this last quote from our woodshop teacher as he saw the donuts on the back counter of my classroom
"Oh that's right, you have your poetry coffeehouse read today."
seeing as how we don't really talk, and our classrooms are on opposite sides of the campus
I was curious how he knew so much about my day
the kids of course
and they were so excited they even asked their shop teacher to come listen to their poems!

they loved it.  I loved it.  done & done


  1. It does not surprise me that a teacher from the other side of the school heard about you! Erin still talks about the activities you did last year, we miss you! I did not like reading that middle school was presently winning in the "elementary vs. middle school" teaching!

    1. Thanks Robyn - I have no idea where I will be next year. If I could get back with you guys, I would jump in a heart beat!!! But I know that I have no control over anything. Will I see you guys at the Crab Feed?

    2. Unfortunately not, we have tickets to go see Hapa at Thunder Valley Casino that night, Hawaiian music at its best!

    3. oh that's too bad - so little inside info, I might be in room 17 on Wednesday afternoon for a little crab feed art project, if you want to stop by and help, or watch some artsy chaos, come on by. I'll know for sure tomorrow, but the tentative time is from 1:40ish (set up during recess) until the end of the day.

  2. How adorable! What a great way for students to share their poems! I love the Starbucks sign behind the students, great way to set the stage!!

    1. Thanks - it is amazing how easily we can transform our rooms to really change the mood, a little creativity sure does go a long way as you know :)

  3. hi Mrs. Lewis!
    its me Erin using my moms computer! The Starbucks thing looked so cool and fun! I miss u a ton! we r switching classes so we will hopefully see you tomorrow the 28 :D


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