Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April fools...

Teaching middle school is really just begging for a good April fool's joke. My kids tried a few on me, with little success. I think my attempt for my last class was just what we needed to end this crazy, rainy Tuesday. I told my last group of students that I made them something special for always being awesome.  The first group who was cleaned up for the day got the first peek at their brown-es.
I think I got a few of them. And yes, I had to explain it to some. Since I only tried it with my last period no one had spoiled it for them, and they were even able to get a few kids from other classes after the bell rung for the day.  I had at least ten students in my room after school looking for the leftover brownies.  It was fun, and I will surely do it again next year!

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